Butterfly Nana Card, I/We Love Nana

Butterfly Nana Card, I/We Love Nana


This "We Love Nana" card has numerous tiny butterflies forming the heart shape. Each butterfly represents love.


Send it to Nana on her birthday, as a Nana Thinking of You card, a Nana Thank you card or as a Nana Mothers day card. 


***Also available with the following wording on the front

I Love Nana

I Love Nanny

We Love Nanny

I Love Granny

We Love Granny


I hand made a large 3D  butterfly heart from individually scissor cut butterflies and then photographed it and reduced the image to produce the digitally printed card. It is not 3D


I create my designs in my cottage studio in Cornwall inspired by my lovely surrounds. 


Sara Lawson Butterfly Art.