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Christmas Hat Butterfly Stickers, 25 Stickers

Christmas Hat Butterfly Stickers, 25 Stickers

£3.99 Regular Price
£3.39Sale Price

A selection of my totally unique Christmas stickers. Each sheet of 25 stickers. Every butterfly represents love


** Discount - Add one matching Christmas card for £2.99, pack of 5 wrapped in ribbon £12.95


A selection of my lovely stickers to make your Christmas cards even more festive when you send them or just to stick on your notebooks, phonecase or anywhere to celebrate the time of year. The sticker has a 2.6cms diameter.


I reduced the images on my Christmas card to produce the stickers


There are also -


Butterfly Christmas Robin


Butterfly Christmas Heart


Butterfly Christmas Kisses,


Butterfly Golden Christmas Tree


Butterfly Gold Heart


I design all my work in my cottage studio in Cornwall

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